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Fostering leadership in open governance - enhancing access to information

Transparency is a Key Driver of Democratic Accountability

Right of access to information laws give effect to the principle of transparency. Increasingly, it has become understood that through accessing information, poor people can claim social and economic rights.

The link between a responsive and open public service and development is now apparent. Moreover, whereas until ten years ago only a few developed countries had access to information laws in place, now over sixty countries have such legislation, many of them developing countries. Thus, there is a new body of experience in how to effectively implement and enforce such laws. But there is nowhere for public servants to learn from each other and establish best practice.

The IST seeks to fill this gap with the creation of a unique,new initiative to support leaders in open governance. It is especially aimed at public servants, with tailor-made programmes for sharing best practice in the implementation of access to information,law and policy.